People and Mice – Documentary Film of IT-Mentors (in English)

2008. november 13 · Kategória: Documents, Filmek 

People and Mice
Our (little) Global Village
Portrait of the Hungarian Information Society Mentors

25′ Documentary
Inforum, 2008


Villages, communities, people.

Everywhere things are different. Everywhere different situations and different problems in daily life.

Between north and south Hungary the distance can be up to 500 km. but you can find that people are trying to live better, more beautifully and with dignity. They want to study work, and live happily.
Hungary is now a part of the European Union.

But many of the regions are far from Europe not only in distance but also in how modern they are. Even far from the regional capitals as well. There are many solutions for being able to reduce this distance so that every day can be sunnier. We will just show you one of these solutions for improving the quality of life. Just a few places, a few faces, a few situations from a new professional perspective. The majority of Hungarians are far from the digital and virtual reality – the knowledge, desire, time and possibility to study are missing.

But more than that help is missing – patient direction. But here the INFORMATION SOCIETY MENTOR can help. Places far from the World, far everone’s values should be able to be found and respected in this constricting and globalizing world. The smallest village to the most hidden street. Everywhere in Hungary so that it can climb from the lows to the heights.


On October 6 2008 the Hungarian parliament reached a decision that they need to support the start of e-government. In other words, help needs to be offered to those who are falling behind in the modernizing world. Digital equality is equated with competence in digital forms and those who are still not competent in the use of these could be at any point in country. INFORMATION SOCIETY MENTOR is help for those who desire it. Unfortunately there is still plenty of work to be

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done in Hungary. The expansion of different elements of society reaching out to each other gives hope that with solidarity, community building and a helpful teacher a more beautiful richer life can be achieved.

Gabor Dombi

secretary general of Inforum