Relevancy of The Year Award for site

2008. december 8. · Kategória: Documents 

The website which has been initiated by Inforum received the „Relevancy of the Year Award” at the Hungarian Association of Content Industry’s contest on 2 December, 2008.

This website collects and updates news, documents and events in the field of e-Inclusion on Hungarian and international (mainly European Union) level. The site follows and documents the work of the Temporary e-Inclusion Parliamentary Committee. The site also collects organizations which are aiming at closing the digital gap.

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Documentary Film of eInclusion Year in Hungary by Inforum

2008. november 26. · Kategória: Documents, Hírek / Felhívások 

Bridges over Digital Divide (25′)

History of eInclusion Year and Movement in Hungary, 2008

If you would like to view this movie on your DVD player send us a e-mail with your adress and you could get this documentary free.

People and Mice – Documentary Film of IT-Mentors (in English)

2008. november 13. · Kategória: Documents, Filmek 

People and Mice
Our (little) Global Village
Portrait of the Hungarian Information Society Mentors

25′ Documentary
Inforum, 2008


Inforum short listed in EU e-Inclusion Award

2008. október 22. · Kategória: Documents 

Shortlist for the European Commission’s 2008 European e-Inclusion Awards announced

Thirty-five initiatives from public, private, charitable and community organisations across Europe have been short listed as medallists for the 2008 European e-Inclusion Awards, a European Commission initiative.


ePractice News: Parliament votes for closing digital divide

2008. október 22. · Kategória: Documents 

On 6 October 2008, the Hungarian Parliament unanimously voted two resolutions aimed at solving the eInclusion issue in the country. Deputies called for the establishment of an ‘e-Inclusion Temporary Parliamentary Committee’ and formulated recommendations for closing the digital divide. The Hungarian Parliament has been the first Parliament of an EU Member State to adopt an eInclusion declaration to reduce the digital divide, spreading digital literacy and promoting equal opportunities for all in the Information Society. Tovább

Digital Spring of Hungary is Finished

2008. október 22. · Kategória: Documents 

The 8th Grandparents-Grandchildren Informatics Competition in Budapest – organized by Inforum – closed with great value of awards. The Competition was the closing of a chain of events titled “Spring of Digital Hungary” which is linked with the “e-Inclusion: Be Part of It!” campaign initiated by the European Commission.

Inforum initiated the “Spring of Digital Hungary” in May, 2008. The aim of the chain of events was to draw internet users’ attention to support those on the other side of the digital gap.


“50+ Internet Party” raises enthusiasm

2008. október 22. · Kategória: Documents 

With over 200 participants, the “50+ Internet Party” organised by the Forum of Hungarian IT Organizations for Information Society (Inforum) on the occasion of the Information Society Day (17 May) was a great success. Held in Budapest as part of the year of eInclusion in Hungary (2008), the Party was open to those willing to support the spread of digital literacy. The focus was placed on people above 50 years old, as Internet users represent only 14 % of this age group. The aim of the event was to help to draw the attention of this population on the benefits of the Internet use, among which the opportunity to be an active member of society while staying healthy and avoiding social isolation. Tovább

Eggs or development programme for Hungary?

2008. október 22. · Kategória: Documents 

Violence is not power
Announcement regarding the atrocity perpetrated in Hungary against Microsoft`s CEO


Against the Internet Tax in Hungary

2008. október 22. · Kategória: Documents 

STATEMENT The expansion of the cultural contribution payment to internet access service and network development (i.e. the introduction of the so called ‘internet tax’) is deceptive and contrary to the intentions of the EU and the Hungarian government aimed at the development of the information society and the enhancement of economic competitiveness. The signatory civil and industry bodies – in agreement with the concordant position of the Ministry of Economy and Transportation (GKM) – call on the members of Parliament to refrain from supporting

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Bill T/5395 on the Amendment of Act XXIII of 1993 on the National Cultural Fund. Tovább

All Hungarian Parties commitment to e-Inclusion issue

2008. október 22. · Kategória: Documents 

8. January, 2008.

All Parties of the Hungarian Parliament [Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP), Hungarian Democratic Forum (MDF) and Young Democrats – Hungarian Civic Party (Fidesz-MPP), Alliance of Free Democrats (SZDSZ), Christian Democratic People’s Party (KDNP)] demonstrated their commitment to the e-Inclusion issue. Peter Márfai (Socialist Party), chairman of the Informatics Subcommittee of the Parliament, called for establishment of a 5 parties committee aiming at the contribution of eInclusion, reducing digital gap and realising digital equal opportunity in Hungary. In parallel with this the Hungarian Democratic Forum and the Young Democrats issued a statement about supporting eInclusion.


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