Forum of the Hungarian IT Organizations for Information Society (Inforum) is a Non Governmental Organization, which aims at establishing and developing Information Society in Hungary. Inforum represents the interests of business orientated and non-profit organizations working on the field of IT, of individuals and of IT users. Inforum is an umbrella organization of Hungarian IT Organizations.

Today Inforum counts 19 members (Associations, Foundations, Universities).

Short description

Inforum – the Forum of Hungarian IT Organisations for the Information Society – has been actively fostering with its partner organisations the realisation of the information society in Hungary since 1997. In addition to this, Inforum considers its mission to achieve the wide usage of social IT, and to improve the quality of life of the Hungarian society with the aid of the means of IT.

Another important task of Inforum is to actively participate in establishing the conditions of digital equal opportunities for disadvantaged people, and for people, who have no IT skills. The organisation published its Hungarian IT Charta proclamation in year 2000, which briefly summarises the steps that should be taken in Hungary according to the Hungarian IT profession, in the interest of establishing the information society.

Inforum – in order to spread digital literacy on social level – has been fostering the spreading of the information society and equal opportunities since 1999 by publishing books (e.g. István Váncsa: Hírvilág; Don Tapscott: Growing Up Digital), keeping intergenerational events Grandparents-Grandchildren Competition of Informatics (2003 – …), setting up a users right protection office (Inforum-Infomediator, 2004), and by establishing a 50+ user supporting portal (50plusz.NET, 2008) and knowledge base of digital inclusion and equal (eInclusion.hu, 2007). Inforum initiated the e-Inclusion Movement in Hungary in year 2007, and in year 2008 it initiated the launching of the Spring of Digital Hungary event series.

Inforum actively participated in establishing the Office of the IT Government Commissionaire (2000), the IT and Telecommunication Committee of the Hungarian Parliament (2000), the Ministry of IT and Telecommunication (2002), and the e-Inclusion Committee of the Hungarian Parliament (2008).

In year 2008, the European Commission acknowledged 35 selected initiatives with the e-Inclusion Award, selected from among 469 organisations and programs. The e-Inclusion and the Elderly Program of Inforum were included among the best 35 programs of Europe, so The European Commission acknowledged the work of Inforum by awarding it an eInclusion Gold Medal. In year 2009, the work of Inforum was acknowledged with the “Access-IT 2009, Good Practice” award, and the General Secretary of the organisation received an Idol (Role Model) Award from the Pannon Példakép Foundation, as an acknowledgement of his work done for the digital inclusion of the elderly.

In year 2009, Inforum prepared its first educational film series, which introduces in 30 parts the way computers, the internet and online services may be used, whereby grandchildren are teaching these skills to their grandparents.

In the beginning of 2010, Inforum published an article in the Magazine of the European Parliament. In February 2010 it introduced its strategic aspect system [„Open (source) aspects for realising an information society vision of Hungary”] that is an essential element of the further development of the Hungarian information society and information economy.

Concrete goals

  • To bridge the digital gap (focus on seniors)
  • To enhance the electronic inclusion (eInclusion) of minorities, disadvantaged persons and the elderly
  • To protect the rights of the IT users
  • To minimize the detrimental phenomena of the Internet in Hungary, such as spam, virus, illegal contents.
  • To establish and to develop the information society in Hungary
  • To represent the interests of business orientated and of non-profit organizations working on the field of IT, of private individuals and of IT users.

Programs, activities, and services that Inforum provides

2005-2008: Information Society Mentor Program – Informatics sector as an employer (EQUAL project). Within this project we provide informatics training for 40 unemployed people. Our purpose is to reintegrate our target group into the labor market, and to train them to be able to transmit to other employees up-to-date informatics knowledge.

2003-ongoing: Grandparents-Grandchildren Competition of Informatics. The first competition take place in 2003 and 9 competition have been organized so far: in Budapest, in Kecskemét, and Miskolc. Altogether 1200 families participated in the competitions. Inforum for many years has been fighting for seniors to be equal citizens of the Information Society. In the course of Grandparents-Grandchildren Informatics Competitions, which became a tradition, it had been proven that this event, which is based on the connection of technology and human beings, not only allows the playful competition between generations, but promotes the development of Information Society.

The Inforum’s main document is the Hungarian Charter of Information Technology [Magyar Informatikai Charta] (2000), which summarized at the time of the eEurope programs but independently of those and still parallel to them the proposals of the Hungarian IT sector how to develop the Hungarian information society.

IT User Rights Prevention Program (Inforum-Infomediator Office – Hungarian Internet Ombudsman)

Establish an office for right protection of Internet users, and mediation services, by own contribution. The role is as Hungarian Internet Ombudsman.

The user protection program of the Inforum, similar to the positive western European examples, aims to provide to the users over its homepage a wide range of informative services concerning services of the information society. Further it gives advices to those who were treated unjust by using an information society service about the different possibilities on enforcement and legal remedies and it also operates quick and effective alternative dispute settlement forums.

  • it provides comprehensive professional advice services to the complex handling of the interests of the information society users,
  • it participates in discovering the service providers causing harm to the users and in looking for solutions –even if they are only temporarily – to the problems,
  • it runs an extensive system of forums for alternative dispute settlement and offers an effective, fast and professional dispute settlement. By doing this it on the one hand significantly reduces the number of the disputes solved by the traditional state judicial bodies or If the judicial way in unavoidable it helps the judicial bodies to a faster decision finding, by preparing the case for them,
  • during its activities it fully makes use of the internet publicity by informing the users thoroughly, by publishing the achievements with regard especially to the good and to the bad labelling and it sets up a prestige list to qualify the service providers which serves as a special guarantee to the users.

Book, articles and publications

  • The Key To Central and Eastern Europe (1998)
  • Hungarian Charter of Information Technology (2000)
  • Hírvilág by István Váncsa (2001) A book in Hungarian Language about Information Society for seniors
  • Growing up Digital by Don Tapscott in Hungarian Language (2001)
  • InfoRoom – CD-ROM about the Information Technology in Hungary (2001)
  • Series of articles in the biggest Hungarian daily “Népszabadság” with the title Information Society (1999-2002)
  • Study about the Danish information-policy model and possibilities of its implementation in Hungary (1999)
  • Study about the Swedish informatics tax system and subsidies and possibilities of its implementation in Hungary (2000)
  • Study about the US solutions concerning the information society and possibilities of its implementation in Hungary (2001)
  • Articles about Inforum and its goals more than 500 in dailies.
  • Movies about Information Society Mentor Program (People and Mice) and eInclusion Year 2008 in Hungary
  • eInclusion reports (2007, 2008)
  • Websites: www.50plusz.net, eInclusion.hu
  • Computer is a child’s play – TV serial for seniors (2009)
  • Open (source) aspects for realising an information society vision of Hungary (2010)

Lobbying activities

Inforum took an important role in establishing the Hungarian Ministry of Informatics and Communication in 2002 and to set up the Committee on Informatics and Telecommunications of the Hungarian Parliament in 2001 as a standing committee.Inforum has been making big effort for lobbying against reprographic fee of printers circulated in Hungary (1999-2005).

By Inforum initiatives eshtablished in October, 2008 the eInclusion Parliamentary Commettee.

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Milestones of Inforum


  • The first draft for establishing a domestic IT ministry and its operation
  • The first entertaining knowledge dissemination publication about Internet in Hungary targeting the elderly („Hírvilág” /News World/)


  • Hungarian IT Charta (2000), a national action plan drafted by the representatives of the IT profession


  • The first book on the future of children in the digital society (translation of „Growing up digital” by Don Tapscott)


  • Lobbying for the setting up of the IT Committee in Hungarian Parliament (2000-2006)
    Lobbying for the office of the IT governmental commissionaire (2000-2001)


  • Lobbying for the setting up of the Ministry of Informatics and Communication /IHM/ (2002-2006)


  • Launching the Grandchild-Grandparent IT Competitions (2003- …)


  • Launching the User Right Protection Office „Inforum – Infomediator” (2004-)


  • Participation in the Equal (IT Mentor) and Safer Internet Programs (2005-2007)


  • The first eInclusion report in Hungary
  • Launching the eInclusion.hu website
  • Announcement of the Inforum eInclusion movement in the Parliament (November, 2007)


  • Agreement of the five political parties with Inforum concerning the management of the issue of e-Inclusion (January 8, 2008)
  • Setting up the e-Inclusion and Information Society Council (January 23, 2008,)
  • Spring of Digital Hungary program series: First home party of internet users beyond the age of 50, Internet ship, World Convention of Telecottages, Grandchild-Grandparent IT Competition
  • Two Parliamentary Resolution on the setting up an e-Inclusion Committee (6th of October)
  • The European Committee awarded a golden medal to Inforum for its activity done for the seniors, for e-Inclusion (Ageing Well)
  • Launching of the 50plusz.net portal
  • Movies about Information Society Mentor Program and eInclusion Year 2008 in Hungary


  • „Competing with time”, digital remembrance tender for seniors
  • October: Computers is child’s play, 30 part film series


  • Open (source) aspects for realising an information society vision of Hungary