Grandparent-Grandchild Competition of Informatics

2012. május 7 · Kategória: Documents, Unoka-nagyszülő versenyek 

Grandparent-Grandchild Competition of Informatics was first realised in 2003 when even fewer aging people were familiar with the internet.

The idea is inviting children aged between 4-14 and their grandparents to compete with other gradparent-garndchild couples in a quiz while they can use an internet browser as a support.

The aim of the project is to call people’s attention to the importance of senior citizens’ inclusion to the information society. It appeals to a wide audience: families, seniors, children, decision makers, other organizations.

The project responses to a problem, which is worth to consider in the aging societies all over Europe. Majority of aging people (or even people above 50) lack of IT skills that would be essential in everyday life. Their families and the whole society are responsible to support them improving their IT skills, to reduce their isolation. With better skills this generation will not be excluded from the labour market, will be able to learn through their life and these improve their well being.

Since 2003 this awareness raising program has been involved many families to demonstrate how children can play important role in motivation of their grandparents for using computer and internet.

The Grandparent-Grandchild Competition of Informatics has been organised 8 times so far. Today it is not only a family program anymore, it has become a foundation stone of the starting of a social movement as the competitions have mobilised 1 200 families so far. The question of the quality of life and the use of computers of the elderly has come into the spotlight due – to a not negligible extent – to this competition, as the competitions were widely followed with attention by the media.


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